Greetings! This is the site of my fine self, thecoshman. It is a personal site, where I can share my opinion with those who care to hear it. Over time I'll write series of articles about various things I wish to write about. By profession, I am Java developer, by enjoyment, I have nothing to do with Java. I do various things for fun, but I'll refrain from yabbering on about benign details of my life.

thecoshman is me, I am thecoshman (and yes, it is all lower case all the time). I use this alias all over the shop, twitter being a fine example. That's probably the best way to contact me if you feel such a compulsion.

For those who care about such details, I have this site hosted via github pages. It uses a swanky system called Jekyll, it takes Markdown and converts it into a static HTML site they host. I might make a more detailed post about this at some stage, though there really isn't much to it.

Technically A Game

A series of posts charting my stumbling back into the word of games programing.


That simple word has cost me too much of my time trying to work out exactly what it means. I want to share my ramblings in a series of articles, hopefully it will prove useful to others. At some stage soon I might sort out a comment system, as I would love to get feedback from others, for now though, twitter or email maybe?