RESTful Design - RESTless Thoughts

Let me preface this series by stating very clearly, I am in no way an experienced or authoritative source when it comes to the subject of REST. I am not a veteran designer of websites or web services. By profession, I am a ‘standard’ software developer. What I say in this series is based purely on my own experience with designing the grand total of one ‘REST API’ and all the ‘research’ that has gone into it.

I feel this series needs to be written to cover one particular aspect of ‘REST APIs’ that is hard to find clear concise information on; dealing with multiple resources at once. However, I do not feel that I can rightly jump straight to that particular subject until I have established some solid ground work. Hopefully, as I go through the process of trying to really think about the details, the later complexities will be easier to wrangle.

In this series I plan to cover all aspects of what I understand to be ‘REST’. Each article will (hopefully) be a rather short concise piece, doing my best to back up what I say. Remaining impartial will be a strong focus for me, so some articles may not actually come to any conclusion, they will just present some information. This is just a list of subjects I think I will be covering, at some stage, in some order, under some name.

So if you fancy reading along with me, watch this space.