This mod is great! Basically, it makes the antennas matter and prevents you from just casually using probes for everything and spamming the science. With this mod, your remote probes can only be controlled if they have a connection back to Kerbal Space Centre. You will not be able to just head into space and spam science, you will have to wait for alignment so that your ship can ‘see’ home to transmit data back. This really does help address the problem I have with science at the moment, you could just spam science.

All the antennas now have a range, some are short range omni-directional and some are long ranged directional antenna. There are some new antenna added as well, so there is plenty to pick from; and chose you will have to, longer range means more power! Power usage is also something that becomes very important, you will have to make sure your satellites have enough power to maintain connection. No longer will a huge bank of batteries and gigantic solar arrays seems so silly.

This mod integrates with the tech tree, unlocking a nice progression of transmitters with more range and better efficiency.

Frankly, it feels like cheating to not use this mod!

Sadly, whilst the code for this mod is free to use, the art assets are not, and so I am not able to include it directly in my pack. I strongly advise you do download and add it though.